Fruit in wine jelly

Good for 4-5 persons. The preparation time is about 30 minutes. Ready to be eaten after 3-4 hours.



  • 400 grams fruit or berries (for example grapes, peaches, fresh strawberries or currants)
  • 1 tablespoon gelatin powder and 0.2 cup water or 6 gelatin leaves
  • 2 cups of sweet white wine or cider


Remove the seeds from the grapes, if necessary. Cut the peaches in cubes. Slice the strawberries or scratch the currants. Put the fruit (and/or berries) in a bowl or in portion glasses. Dissolve the gelatin and mix it with the wine or cider. Pour the mix over the fruit (and/or berries). Put the jelly in a cold place until it has stiffen.

Serve with for example almond or nut cookies.

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